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Real Time Fleet Tracking Device

Real time fleet tracking is management by measurement

real time fleet tracker or tracking device live gps vehicle tracking Live GPS vehicle tracking solutions put you in the driver’s seat anytime, anywhere. Real time GPS tracking from GoFleet offers an advanced end-to-end software services to track productivity with a unique view of fleet activities through comprehensive tracking and engine data. GoFleet will optimize your fleet to effectively reduce driver idling time, speeding, fast acceleration  and overall fleet costs. The safety of your drivers is important. Our Real time fleet tracking tools boasts an interactive, in-vehicle buzzer, so you can alert drivers to change their on-road driving behavior. GoFleet will help your business achieve optimal compliance in addition to improving road safety and will add further value by integrating with your current technologies for a seamless real time fleet tracking experience. A GoFleet live GPS tracking device offers offers premium wireless plug and play technology. The vehicle tracking solution requires no additional antennas and no splicing of wires, helping to reduce both installation time and fees. With simple plug-and-play installation that does not require any professional fees, GoFleet’s real time fleet tracking is ready for use in just minutes. Our fleet management solutions provide in-vehicle driver coaching, breakthrough accident detection, ultra-accurate engine diagnostics, route optimization, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, fuel consumption monitoring and much more.

Management matters

real time 2Take the guess work out of your fleet management with a live GPS tracking device that offers maintenance reminders based on engine hours, odometer or period. With GoFleet’s solutions, you’ll always have an eye on your maintenance history by vehicle and know when to retire that costly vehicle. Our world leading solutions will also diagnose vehicle faults remotely to further prevent costly downtime. GoFleet’s real time tracking solutions and fleet tracker systems weekly/daily reports on critical faults to ensure your fleet operates without fault. Setup alerts by specific measurements for even more control. With a GoFleet live GPS tracking device, you can Monitor PTO duration, plow time, dumping cycles, hood up, panic buttons, and much more.  The GO6 can also be easily integrated with diverse Third Party platforms and your current technologies for optimal intelligence. Contact us today to learn more about how our real time tracking solutions can propel your business to the next level.