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How Do I Set Up Default Rules?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Rules & ReportingHow Do I Set Up Default Rules?
AvatarAnonymous asked 3 years ago
How Do I Set Up Default Rules?
1 Answers
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SupportSupport Staff answered 3 years ago

To Setup Rules on the database, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Rules and Groups and Click on Rules

2. The Rules are categorized based on their exception type ( Safety, Productivity, Fleet)
Use the buttons Below to switch the rules (ON/OFF)


Use the specific buttons available for some rules to setup the rules sensitivity/Speed Over Limit/Idling Time
Use the buttons shown below to open detailed explanations of each exceptions and select the pen button to begin making changes.

You can manage who is notified when exceptions occur by selecting the envelope button from the top menu.

Exception Categories:
1- Safety Exceptions:
The application enables fleet wide safety and driver improvement through instant notifications of in-vehicle behavior, All exception can be configured to alert the system administrator and the driver. The alert allow early detection and response to driver activity which greatly increases the and safety of your drivers. 
2- Productivity Exceptions
You can be notified of exceptions such as late arrival, early departure, idling, unauthorized home or customer stops, excessive office time, long lunch and even long stops during work hours.
3- Fleet Exceptions
Stay proactive in keeping your fuel costs down by managing driver behaviors such as excessive speeding, idling and detecting engine issues before they become costly problems, by enabling the fleet exception rules.