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How Do I Setup E-mail Templates for Exceptions?

Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: Rules & ReportingHow Do I Setup E-mail Templates for Exceptions?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Best Answer
Jamie Stevens Staff answered 3 years ago
The information included in the email notifications is fully customizable using easy to use templates:
To create a template please follow the steps below:
1– Go to Rules and Groups –> Select Rules
2– Click On notification template

3– Click add e-mail template and build your preferred e-mail template using the available tokens

4– Once Done, please click Save.
5– To assign the notification template to a specific rule you need to create a distribution list with the following options: 
  • – Notify Using: Email
  • – Select the Template you created
  • – Add Users to the distribution list
6– Go to the rule –> Click on the mail icon  
–> Click “More” and select the distribution list you created   ——————————————————————–
If you require further assistance, Please contact gofleet support, by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 1-888-998-1122 x 2