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How to Enable E-mailed ReportsTo

Questions & AnswersCategory: Rules & ReportingHow to Enable E-mailed ReportsTo
AvatarAnonymous asked 3 years ago
How to Enable E-mailed ReportsTo?
1 Answers
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SupportSupport Staff answered 3 years ago

To enable e-mailed reports, please follow the following steps:

1. Click on Administration

2. Click on Reports

3. Click on Report Views

4. Select the report you want to enable e-mails for

5. Click on the Email report tab

6. Toggle Email options “On”

7. Toggle Email report “On”

8. Customize the emailed report from the options present on the screen (recipient list (group based, not user based), email report to me, redirect report, type of report, date range, refresh period, next run, belonging to, show dismissed faults, diagnostics, etc.)

Below you can see, the email report has been toggled on, and the report will be sent to the user configuring the report. The recipient list is everyone in the company group (users are assigned to groups), an Excel report will be generated, which will cover Tuesday, on a weekly basis where the next run is set to the current time by default,  and the data scope for the report is for everyone within the company group.

9. Once you are done customizing the emailed report, select the Save button found near the top left of the webpage


Redirect Report – If toggled on, the report will only be sent to one user, and no other users will be able to receive the same report via e-mail

Type of report – Reports can be generated both in Excel (default) and PDF format

Date range – The range you want the report to cover

Next run – The next time the report will be e-mailed to the specified groups

Belonging to – This field determines the data scope of the report, if your groups are set up properly, it is best to leave it at Everything since members of individual groups will get filtered data for their specific groups only in their e-mailed reports

Should you have any questions, please contact GoFleet customer support by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 1-888-998-1122 x2.