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How to Create/Import Zones?

AvatarAnonymous asked 3 years ago
How to Create/Import Zones?
1 Answers
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SupportSupport Staff answered 3 years ago

A geofence ” Zone” is a virtual perimeter or a fence around a geographical real-world area of interest such as work place, airports, gas station, homes and more. Zones can be added to analyze fleet behavior when combined with exception reporting and notifications.

How to add Zones:

Add individual Zone:

  • – Go to Map
  • – Click Add Zone
  • – Select a starting point on the map
  • – Continue creating the boundary by selecting points along its perimeter
  • – To finish, close the zone by re-selecting the beginning point once again, then select the Save button.

Tip: While the zone is being created, the round markers on the corners of the perimeter lines can be moved. To remove a point, drag the point off the map.

After creating a zone the system will ask you to customize the zone, by giving it a name, assigning it a group, and select the map type ( Customer, Home, Office etc.)

Importing Multiple Zones:

You can use a spreadsheet application to prepare a list of zones which can be imported to your account. This saves time when you have a large number of zones to be created.
When addresses for your zones are available, follow the step below to import the zones:

  • – Go to Zone and Messages > Click Import Zones
  • – Before you import the file adjust the file format to match one the formats below:

  • – Drag and Drop the file in the designated area
  • – Click Import and the system will generate a confirmation that the zones were added

*For More information on how to Edit a zone please click here