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How to Create a PTO Exception?

Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: Rules & ReportingHow to Create a PTO Exception?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Best Answer
Jamie Stevens Staff answered 2 years ago
Here is how you can create a PTO exception and then you will need to add an exception summary report for PTO.
  • – Check the status and which vehicles it is available for through evaluating engine status:
  • – Create the rule: Go to Rules and Groups, select Rules and then click on Add.
  • – Click on Conditions and Choose Measurement or Data under Engine. In the value box enter 0.
  • – Go to Administration –> Custom Reports –> Add Exception Summary, Close and Save It, Select the PTO Exception and Click Ok. Then Enable Email for this report.
  • – You can also run this report for any period by going to exceptions and running it through option or view (for the custom report).

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