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Driver-ID NFC Install and MyGeotab Setup

Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: Getting Started and Basic SetupDriver-ID NFC Install and MyGeotab Setup
Anonymous asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Jamie Stevens Staff answered 3 years ago


GoFleet provides an easy to use near field communication driver identification solution by Geotab. This solution allows you to quickly install and configure the NFC module with your plug and play GO device. You now can always see which driver is in which vehicle. Driver ID allows fleet managers to have a full view into their driver activities regardless of the vehicle they are currently driving. This allows running reports, rules and exceptions by driver or vehicle. Driver ID can be enforced through audible driver beeping and/or vehicle immobilization wherein a valid Driver ID key must be touched to the reader before the vehicle will start.

Understanding drivers

When using Geotab, a Driver is special type of user account that is configured by your administrator. A driver can be issued a physical driver key as shown in the image below which is then used to identify that specific driver when in a vehicle.

Driver keys

When a driver enters a vehicle, they use their Driver ID keyfob to associate their user account with that vehicle. This process is performed by tapping the Driver ID key on your equipped vehicle’s driver identification reader.

  • • Driver identification is done by tapping their key to the Geotab NFC IOX reader. Each key has a visible unique serial number which is associated with a user account.
  • • The Green LED on the reader will flash twice when the tag is read. For additional tags, touch each tag one at a time to the reader; the LED will flash twice for each tag read.
  • • If an immobilization relay kit has been installed and the feature is activated in MyGeotab, you must touch a valid ID tag in order to start the vehicle. Failure to touch a valid tag prior to starting will cause the GO6™ to beep continuously and the vehicle will not start until a valid tag is touched.
  • • The goals behind immobilization (if so enabled) is not to stop theft but rather it is a reminder that they didn’t insert their driver ID for logging purposes.
  • • If the customer enables immobilisation without having the circuitry hooked up, the device will beep until the driver swipes the fob
  • • If you also want immobilization you must order HRN-RELAYKIT and specify that it is for GO6
  • • After a failed attempt the NFC resets (stops beeping) in about 30 seconds.

Using driver identification

  • • When a driver enters a vehicle equipped with a driver identification system, they should first use their driver key to identify themselves before starting the engine. If they do not first identify themselves, an audible sound can be set up in the driver feedback that will remind them that identification is required.
  • • The identified driver will then be associated with that vehicle until another driver identifies themselves.
  • • If a driver attempts to use their driver key before it is assigned to their user account an exception will be generated letting you know that an unassigned key has been used to identify a driver in a vehicle.

Configuring drivers in My.Geotab.Com

To create a new driver navigate to Administration from the left hand side menu, then select Users from the sub-menu. Select a user from the list which you would like to denote as a driver, then select the Driver tab.

Use the On/Off switch to make this user a driver.

From the options shown, select the NFC key type and then enter the serial number in the field given, which can be found at the back of the blue NFC key.

Manually assigning drivers to vehicles

Performing the assignment yourself of drivers to vehicles is useful when you are not using vehicles equipped with driver identification systems. Additionally, if there is a conflict between driver keys and vehicles you can easily make the manual correction. Follow these steps assign your drivers to vehicles.

  1. Navigate to the Map from the left hand side menu.
  2. Select a vehicle, then from the options that are displayed select Assign driver.
  3. A small window is displayed, select the driver by name from the drop down list.
  4. If this driver will be the default driver, use the Yes/No switch to automatically associate them with this vehicle in the future. When finished, select Apply changes.

Resetting Drivers from device

The following custom parameter can be applied to a device to dissociate itself from its driver on an ignition off event: <GoParameters><Parameter Description=”Reset Driver ID at Ignition Off” Bytes=”10″ Offset=”65″/></GoParameters> Once this parameter is applied, the driver is dissociated from the device roughly one minute after ignition off by default. However, you may adjust how long after ignition off in the driver feedback section as shown below.

Installation Instructions

A special harness called the IOX-NFC which contains the key reader for the NFC keys is required to be installed in the vehicle in order to use NFC driver keys. Below is a picture of the IOX-NFC and instructions on how to install it in your vehicle.

Learn more by visiting First Telematics NFC Driver ID Key Solution with Plug and Play Technology