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Help, Device Not Communicating?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Install & TroubleshootingHelp, Device Not Communicating?
AvatarAnonymous asked 3 years ago
Help, Device Not Communicating?
1 Answers
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SupportSupport Staff answered 3 years ago

It appears that the device is not communicating to the database. To verify the status of the unit, please contact the support team at GoFleet after the troubleshoot procedure is complete. The document attached will help with the process.


  1. Issue with port – blown fuse on vehicle.
  2. Issue with device.


  1. Simply do a reset. Unplug and Replug the device to the port. – Does it Beep, Does it Light Up?
  2. Yes – Check if the device is communicating on the map. Send us an email with the  device SN# confirming the status so the support team can complete a few tests
  3. No – Check the vehicle fuse / cigarette lighter. Is it functional?
    1. No – Then the issue is with the vehicle fuse or diagnostic port. Simply replace the fuse and reconnect the device to check for beep and lights.
    2. Yes – The device may be blown. Disconnect and connect to another vehicle for verification. If still not functional. Let us know, so we may send a replacement.