GIS City Layers Map

The Zenduit Custom Map Add-In allows users to interact with GIS elements and routes. It incorporates GIS elements, landmarks, routes, live view of vehicles on a map, vehicle icons, live route view and much more. City Custom GIS maps and GIS databases are directly imported/integrated to AVL Custom Map (“City Maps”). “City Maps” allows municipal users to track, manage and analyze vehicle locations against familiar internal city maps.

Interact With GIS Elements & Routes


  • Custom Map with layered GIS data.
  • Vehicles as Icons with exception indicators on the vehicle icons.
  • Live breadcrumb view of vehicles – allowing you to follow a vehicle on the live map.


  • Live trailing breadcrumb highlights exceptions as they happen.
  • View vehicles that were within proximity of a specific area within a date range
  • Interact with GIS elements/layers showing GIS data (ie. route, bin, etc..)
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