GIS ShapeFile Import/Export Tool

Users can drag, drop and upload shapefiles to import as Zones; the import tool uploads shapefiles and translates them into geofence zones. This importer will also check against name duplicates and provide users a preview of potential zone conflicts as well. Build rules, alerts, and reports against newly imported zones. Users are also able to mass name zones by selecting shape properties or auto-incrementing.
Export Geotab geofence zones to shapefiles for your existing GIS systems, such as ArcGIS.

Drag/Drop/Upload ShapeFiles to Import As Zones

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  • Drag and drop shapefiles into Geotab Add-In
  • Mass naming by selecting shape properties or auto-incrementing
  • Preview files before import on a map
  • Mass configure zone properties of newly added zones


  • Warns and displays naming and shape conflicts if they already exist in Geotab
  • Easy tool for mass renaming. Simply re-import the shapefile and give another naming convention
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