City Map Tools

GoFleet offers a Proximity add-in module to MyGeotab that enables Fleet Managers to view the amount of time fleet vehicles spend in particular areas as defined by users. Users can click on any piece of vehicle data to view how far away they were from the addressed entered and at what date and time.
GoFleet offers a Route Playback add-in that allows users to replay a vehicle’s route over a map. Users specify the time, date and the vehicle(s) of their choosing. The playback feature can be done for multiple vehicles on the map simultaneously.
GoFleet offers a Heatmap add-in that enables users to view which geographic spots on the map are most prone to driver exceptions and violations. Users can select an Exception Rule and a date range. Coloured areas on the map which appear hot indicates the incidence of the exception.

Proximity, Route Playback & Heatmap


  • View the duration of time vehicles spend in specific areas.
  • Replay routes for multiple vehicles on the map.
  • View on the map geographic locations of heavy exception occurrence.


  • Proximity add-in eliminates liability by displaying what time periods vehicles were present in specific areas.
  • Conveniently view historical trip data for multiple vehicles simultaneously.
  • Use Heatmap data to create new routes and reduce occurrence of rule violations.
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