3rd Party Integration

Syncs data between Geotab and other 3rd party management systems (i.e. ERP, SAP, PFW, Zoho CRM, SalesForce, and so on).

Sync Data Between Geotab & Other 3rd Party Management Systems


  • Custom integrations with 3rd party or internal databases
  • Examples (3rd Party → Geotab) : Update Vehicle Groups based on status, update driver/vehicle device comments, add customers as zones, sync orders as zones, sync trips as routes, etc…
  • Examples (Geotab → 3rd Party): Update Engine Hours, Odometer, Work Completion
  • Choose periodic sync updates (eg, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Sync with any protocol, including REST, SOAP XML, ODBC, etc.


  • Quickly view which roads have been driven, plowed, salted in a live map view based on road status colors.
  • Dispatch drivers to out of compliance roads more quickly to maximize public road safety.
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