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Police Car GPS Tracking System

police car gps tracking device system

Security & Police GPS Tracking

If you work within the security services industry then you need to do all that you can to make sure that you are protecting the vehicles, personnel and assets which you were hired to protect, the same goes if you work on the police force. A security and police GPS vehicle tracking system will help you to keep track of and protect those assets which others have entrusted you to protect. Not only does this make the daily operations more efficient, it also is a cost effective solution for security service company’s on a budget.

There are many more additional benefits that a police & security service company’s will experience when investing in security & police GPS tracking devices; such as:

  • Optimize and Audit Driving Routes
    In an emergency situation it is important to send the closest vehicle to the emergency location to get there as fast as possible. With our security & police car GPS tracking software you will be able to not only monitor which vehicle is closest to the emergency location but also quickly plan the best route for the driver to get there. With Garmin integration you can then send the route directly to the driver and he can follow the steps displayed on the Garmin unit to get there in the shortest amount of time possible. Also, you will have the ability to look at the regular routes your drivers use and further optimize them if necessary.
  • Audible Driving Alerts
    Safety is a big concern for anyone who owns, operates or manages a fleet of vehicles. It is important not only for the well-being of your staff but also those they share the road with. In a security business
  • Easy-to-Use Security & Police GPS Tracking
    Our GPS tracking devices are plug-and-play which save you money and time. There is no need for a technician which eliminates installation fees and protects your vehicle from hard-wiring. Our software is also extremely easy to navigate and once you become a customer we offer free training sessions. This allows you to get the most out of our system and work towards saving money wherever possible.
  • Customizable Hardware Options
    We offer a wide variety of add-on options made possible through the IOX port on our GPS tracking devices. We have tons of options ranging from driver event and reverse camera’s to tire pressure monitoring. The IOX port allows for many other custom options to be integrated with our software as well. Speak with a sales agent to find out more.
  • Easily Keep track of People, Vehicles & High Value Assets
    When you track your vehicles, you are essentially also tracking your drivers. You will be able to monitor where your drivers are located to provide the best customer service, ensure they are following the correct routes and arriving at all customer locations required throughout the day. In addition to monitoring vehicles, we also offer asset tracking options such as the SmartOne Sat for all other non-vehicle assets you may need to track.

GoFleet GPS tracking systems offer a variety of customizable tracking devices to help make your job easier. The fully customizable security options available can help you to protect the assets which you were hired to secure with ease allowing you to maximize profits and decrease risk to your security service company.


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