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Plumbing & HVAC Vehicle Tracking Solutions

plumbing and hvac vehicle tracking solutions

The HVAC industry often requires dispatch to be flexible as many of the days residential calls are not prescheduled. A vehicle tracking solution is a great investment for any HVAC company because it will allow you to quickly and easily make appropriate dispatch decisions based on real time locations of your fleet. The old days of working within territories is out dated and leaves room for error. By monitoring and dispatching your HVAC fleet according to actual locations you can save both time and money on your company’s day to day operations.

There are many awesome benefits that you will receive when you choose to install a vehicle tracking solution for your HVAC business, such as:


  • Improve Routing & Dispatch Time
    Route optimization is one of the assisting factors in reducing fuel costs and also decreasing the amount of travel time to the next customer location. Having access to vehicle status and location 24/7 allows managers and/or dispatchers to send the closest technician to the next customer location. This can be done quickly and easily through Garmin integration with our GO device and will also supply step-by-step directions to the drivers.



  • Lower Overtime Costs
    With more efficient routing and dispatching, your workers will waste less time travelling and more time at the job sites. Also, with our time card reporting there will be no discrepancies in recorded versus actual overtime worked.



  • Monitor Fuel Use and Fuel Ups
    Fuel is one of the largest expenses for HVAC companies, so monitoring and controlling fuel usage is crucial in eliminating unnecessary costs. Implementing a vehicle tracking system for your HVAC fleet assists in reducing fuel costs in multiple ways such as: monitoring idle time, planning routes efficiently, audible driver alerts for aggressive behavior, fuel usage reports and more. In addition, we offer fuel card integration to track and verify all fuel transactions and eliminate fuel theft.



  • Increased Number of Daily Service Calls
    By being able to improve routing and dispatch, there will be more time to spend visiting customers in need of your service. Also, by monitoring the vehicles in real-time you will be given the opportunity to send the closest driver to the closest call.



  • Vehicle Tracking Solution Protects From Theft
    Your vehicles will be monitored 24/7; if anyone was to steal a vehicle you would be able to track where they were taking it in real-time, alert the police, and then track down the vehicle and the person who stole it. If your employees take your vehicles home, you will also be able to monitor after hour usage.



  • Improve Customer Service
    With improved routing and dispatching, and knowing where your drivers are 24/7 you will be able to give accurate arrival times to your customers. Instead of many HVAC companies that tell their customers a 4-6 hour window of when they “might” arrive you will be able to give a much more accurate window and show up within that time frame. This will not only please your customers but will also ensure the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. No one wants to wait around all day for a technician, this will set you ahead of your competition.


Not only this but you can improve employee safety and decrease accidents by monitoring employee driving habits to ensure safety rules are being followed. Effectively manage your company’s reputation with vehicle tracking software and stay above the competition. If customers see your HVAC van weaving in and out of cars, and speeding down the highway, they are likely not to hire your technicians again. You will also increase customer satisfaction through our GPS tracking systems; you will be able to give a more accurate time estimate of when your technicians will show up and can alert them if a technician is running late. Your residential or commercial HVAC company will quickly experience all of these benefits and more when you make the important choice to install a GoFleet GPS tracking system for HVAC business.


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