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Intelligent Integrations

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Rich Data + Easy Integration = Endless Possibilities

Fleet GPS Management Systems

Your Solution Parter

With over ten years of expertise in telematics and GPS tracking systems we specialize in developing new integrated wireless solutions for business. Our hardware communicates with your machines and equipment to give real-time status updates on operation and critical event notifications.

Custom Mapping & API

Our GPS tracking systems allow you to quickly overlay and keep up to date custom maps without painful importing. You can use the Geotab SDK to get even more out of your software platform. With our library of methods and functions, you can create new reports, applications, or integrate the data within your own existing systems.

IOX Expansion

Our hardware is designed to be future ready with the powerful communication hardware and expansion capability. With a revolutionary IOX port you can add new powerful system accessories and plug directly into your Salter Control Modules, Weigh Scale Systems, Garmin Messaging, and much much more thanks to our GPS tracking systems.


5 Killer, Industry Leading System Integration Features:

  • 1 Supports Multiple Communication Protocols: GSM, HSPA, WiFi, 900Mhz
  • 2 The GO6 Can Also Be Easily Integrated With Diverse Third Party Platforms Such As Man-Down/Working Alone, Weighing Systems
  • 3 Auxiliary & RS232 Input/Outputs For PTO Monitoring & 3rd Party Integration
  • 4 Garmin Messaging And Integration
  • 5 Iridium Satellite Modem Can Be Integrated With The GO6 GPS Fleet Tracking Device

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