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Bus Tracking

bus fleet tracking systems a success story
Blog, Bus Tracking | 3 min read

Bus Fleet Tracking Systems: A Success Story

Bus Fleet Tracking Systems are in High Demand. Why are bus GPS tracking devices improving bus transportation? The bus industry revolves around serving customers but unfortunately, riders complain of similar issues all around the world.
school bus - GPS Tracking Equipment
Blog, Bus Tracking | 2 min read

GPS Tracking Equipment: The Optimal School Bus Solution

The Optimal School Bus Solution: GoFleet’s GPS Tracking Equipment In today’s economy, many school districts are facing budget cuts without sacrificing the students’ safety. School district transportation fleet managers are responsible for all of the children every day from the time they step foot on the school bus.
School Bus Fleet safety
Blog, Bus Tracking, Safety | 1 min read

New York Emphasizes School Bus Fleet Safety

School Bus Fleet Safety Programs Keep Kids Safe In school bus crash data collected by New York State’s Education Department, information surfaces that the greatest danger to students and bus drivers on the roadway is other drivers: whether it’s people rear-ending stopped busses, or sideswiping busses while cutting corners on narrow subdivision roadways. The data also shows that the instances of students being seriously injured in a bus crash are quite rare.