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Geotab Compliance Truck ELD


Food & Beverage, Working With The Best | 3 min read

The Buffalo Group

This solution saved the Safety and Compliance team at The Buffalo Group several hours every week as MyGeotab automatically identifies and generates all the data required for their IFTA reporting.
Blog, Industries, Vehicle Tracking | 3 min read

Top 3 EMS Fleet Tracking Needs

Read about common needs for our EMS clients. Everything you need to know about EMS fleet tracking, driving habits and EMS workforms management.
Farmer GPS tracking
Blog, Tow Truck | 3 min read

Sales 101: How to Sell Farmer GPS Tracking

The secret to selling farmer GPS tracking is to educate farms on the correct topics, including theft, usage, and maintenance.
Burbrae Farms
Food & Beverage, Working With The Best | 5 min read

Burnbrae Farms – Food Industry

Burnbrae Farms | Gofleet Success Stories was successful with GoFleet's GO7 Fleet Tracking devices by monitoring their drivers. They reduced speeding, idling and tracked their Fleet using our GPS.
Towing GPS Tracking
Blog, Industries, Tow Truck, Truck Tracking | 2 min read

How Truck Tracking Improves Business for Towing Companies

Improve your towing business through the advancements of truck tracking technology provided by GoFleet. Best in class GPS tracking for towing companies.
bus fleet tracking systems a success story
Blog, Bus Tracking | 3 min read

Bus Fleet Tracking Systems: A Success Story

Bus fleet tracking systems help solve issues like late buses, aggressive drivers, and accidents - increasing customer service and satisfaction.