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ELD Final Rule Has Arrived
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log), HOS | 2 min read

The ELD Final Rule Has Arrived! (Finally)

The ELD Final Rule has finally been released by the FMCSA. On December 10th, 2015, the FMCSA announced the new ELD mandate.
ELD Geotab Drive
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log), HOS | 2 min read

Take A Closer Look At The ELD Geotab Drive

Electronic Logging Device: Geotab Drive Update: Check out the most up to date post here: The ELD Final Rule Has Arrived! Geotab Drive is a savvy Hours of Service electronic logging device (ELD) and vehicle inspection application. The FMCSA regulates commercial driving; they are getting ready to release a new set of rules in September, 2015.
Electronic Logging Devices
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log), HOS | 3 min read

FMCSA Proposed Mandate of Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic Logging Devices Proposed to Improved Efficiency and Safety On March 13th, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a revised proposal to mandate that electronic logging devices be installed in interstate commercial buses and trucks. The requirement would reduce paperwork burdens on carriers, help enforce hours-of-service rules, and ensure that drivers are not harassed, FMCSA said.
electronic log mandate
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log), HOS | 2 min read

Electronic Log Mandate in Effect April 9th

Mandate for Electronic Log Devices or Electronic Onboard Recorders Soon In Effect Please See Updated Article: Electronic Logging Devices Proposed by FMCSA A rule mandating Electronic Log Devices or, Electronic Onboard Recorders as they are also known, is expected to be published April 9th 2014 according to a monthly report from the Department of Transportation. DOT has been pushing back the publication date for the rule since late 2013.
HOS Complaince Solution
Blog, HOS | 2 min read

Who Says Hours-of-Service Compliance Has to be Difficult?

Hours-of-Service Made Easy With Our HOS Compliance Solution Almost everyone in today’s society seems to have a smartphone or tablet device. In fact, a new study by the PEW Research Centre shows that over 90% of American adults own a cell phone, and that these devices are used for much more than just making phone calls.

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