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GPS Tracking Units Put Dog Walkers Minds at Ease

Dogs Made Easy to Find With GPS Tracking Units

A company in Alberta, Canada that offers off-leash dog walking is using GPS tracking units to keep track of its dogs at all times.

Before Clever Canines takes any of the dogs out for any off-leash activity, the dogs are outfitted with a harness containing a small GPS tracking unit. It is included in their WalkAbout Program which uses a combination of on and off-leash activities.

The dog walkers will take up to 10 dogs at a time; all are tracked with the GPS tracking units using GPS and cellphone tower frequencies. The walkers can easily keep track of each dog on their smartphones, and the company’s owner can do the same from the main office.

The GPS tracking units help put not only the dog owners mind at ease but also the company owner and dog walkers, much like our units put the minds of fleet owners and managers at ease.

At first it might sound a bit strange and maybe too precautious, but it makes sense. Clever Canines would not run a dog walking service without using GPS tracking units; a dogs safety is too important to too many people to risk anything going wrong.

The units are especially useful for new dogs and ones who may not be as well trained at the rest of the group.

Joe Scorgie, one of the co-founders of Clever Canines does not expect GPS tracking units to become common among other dog walkers anytime in the near future. It is not something all dog walkers are able to afford, but the peace of mind the units provide is absolutely priceless.

Source: CBC News, Clever Canines

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