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GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking FAQ

GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking represents great value for money by offering you technology that is easy to access and easy to use which will allow you to monitor your drivers, streamline your business and maximize efficiency. However, it is a relatively new concept and still comes with some common misconceptions that might hinder some owners from integrating this necessary and cutting-edge technology. Hopefully, this FAQ will help solve some of these misconceptions.

  • Will GPS fleet vehicle tracking cause tension with my employees ?

    There is nothing unreasonable about wanting to make sure that your business operates as efficiently as possible. The employees who are doing their jobs up-to-standards will embrace a fleet management solution as it will highlight the outliers. Furthermore, a team of same-minded, top-performing workers will excel in any realm and in any organization setting. Those who continuously take shortcuts and at your workplace and fail to do their job properly bring down the team morale. This is because the top-performers who do the lion-share of the work will become disenchanted with the makeup of the force as they have to over-extend themselves and compensate for others who are not pulling their weight. A GPS fleet vehicle tracking system will increase accountability, give you the data you need to grow your business and cut into your competitors market.

  • Is fleet tracking beneficial to a small fleet ?

    Some might wonder whether their fleets are big enough to warrant this investment. The truth is that fleet tracking works even if you only have one vehicle with one driver who you are not sure about. We cater to small businesses of all sizes, and really give them an enterprise-level type of data that will even the playing field and give insight that big companies pay top-dollars for. There are additional security benefits like anti-theft protection and support such as navigational assistance that will increase the overall efficiency of the business.

  • Why do I need GPS fleet vehicle tracking if I trust my employees ?

    Not all employees who are hurting your business are doing it directly. Small distractions and indiscretions can quickly add up and dip into your profit margins. Even a long-time employee who you trust could one day think “I can stop for 10 minutes and take care of that thing”. Then another employee will think “If he does that then I can do it, too”. It is a profit-eating cycle. It will not take long before it snowballs and hurts your company. With fleet tracking, your drivers are held accountable at all times when they should be working and you will quickly see improved results.

  • Is fleet tracking beneficial if I work locally ?

    GPS fleet vehicle tracking can absolutely work in your favor if you have a local business. For starters, it will help maximize efficiency by helping to plan the best route when a driver has a lot of short trips to do. Moreover, it will protect your image in the community by holding your drivers accountable. If you only operate within a city and one of your drivers engages in risky behaviour on the road and showing poor driving habits, your company’s reputation will suffer as a result. With fleet tracking you know where all of your vehicles are at all times and how your drivers are behaving.

  • How much time does it take to set up and manage GPS fleet vehicle tracking ?

    Not long at all. Our systems are designed to be easy to install and to use by people who are not knowledgeable in the field. Once the system is set up, you can receive automatic notifications and alerts sent straight to your phone or email. Overall, you should expect to only spend around one hour per week tracking your fleet. Just the notion that the system is installed is enough to make most drivers behave without you needing to micromanage.

  • What if I can’t afford it ?

    We provide affordable solutions for your business size. You cannot afford not to have a fleet management/ GPS fleet vehicle tracking system in place and you can remedy your information-deficient in your system with fleet tracking. It will not take long at all to recoup the initial costs of installing the system. You also have a trial period at the beginning in case you are not satisfied with it so there is no reason not to give it a shot. No obligation.

  • What if I already have cell phone tracking ?

    Not all cell phone tracking systems will be the same, but, overall, they are subpar to GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems. They simply are not as reliable and cannot provide the same amount of accurate information. Plus, they are not really cheaper than fleet tracking software. Even if you are using cell phone tracking, it is not trust-worthy as it does not factor-in all the variables, such as fuel efficiency meters, to give you the full information scope. Also, phones are notorious for being easily misplaced and are expensive to replace.

  • What if I have bad cellular coverage ?

    Our GPS fleet vehicle tracking system is more like sending a text message than a clear phone call and these are two very different things when it comes to coverage. Moreover, even if one of your drivers does find himself in an area with no coverage, the system will still record the data, in an offline mode, and upload it once it gets a signal again.

GPS fleet vehicle tracking FAQ