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Law Enforcement

Fleet Tracking Law Enforcement Vehicles

If you work in law enforcement then you understand the varying needs that a GPS tracking system can provide powerful solutions for. The crucial component in emergency response and enforcement is having a solution that offers true real-time tracking capabilities. With industry leading 6-15 second refresh rates you will ensure that your fleet is responds quickly to emergencies. Efficiency, security and simplicity are all essential to running a law enforcement office that is cost effective and operates smoothly. You can easily customize fleet tracking law enforcement vehicles to custom the varying needs of your business.

Here are some additional benefits that law enforcement agencies can gain by using a GoFleet tracking system:

  • Industry Leading 6-15 second refresh rates
  • Second by second data
  • Easily monitor sirens, switches and more
  • Real-time alerts sent to authorized supervisors on custom events
  • Dispatching tools
  • In cabin messaging
  • In cabin audible beeping based on rules
  • Locate Vehicles Quickly & Effortlessly
  • Improve Public Safety
  • Improve Officer Safety
  • Easily Track Warranted Suspects
  • Customizable Configurations
  • Interface That is User Friendly
  • Customizable Alerts & Sensors

We understand the varying needs of law enforcement agencies and offer easy to use services that are fully customizable based on the needs of each individual law enforcement agency.  We offer many different types of devices and sensors which can be used to track vehicles both big and small as well as warranted suspects to help improve day to day operations so that you can operate at optimal efficiency!

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