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High Value Assets

Protect High Value Assets GPS Tracking Device

Every type of business has high value assets which they must consistently monitor and protect to ensure the financial well-being of their organization. A GPS tracking system by GoFleet will provide you with a way to detour theft and recover assets which have been stolen as well as provide you with sensors to monitor the location and condition of your company’s high value assets. GPS tracking systems provide you with a cost effective way to monitor the current and post locations of your assets and receive customizable alerts about the location and condition of your high value assets.

There are many benefits that you will receive when employing a GoFleet GPS tracking system to help you monitor and protect your company’s high value assets; such as:

  • Real-time alert on accidents through the impact accelerometer
  • Detailed Reports on the Location History of Your High Value Assets
  • Optional Temperature Sensors
  • Set Pre-assigned Geofences
  • Optional Moisture & Light Sensors
  • Prevent Theft
  • Recover Stolen Assets Quickly
  • Receive Customizable Alerts to Your Email or Cell Phone

Regardless of the type of company you work within, chances are you have high value assets which you need to protect and preserve. Installing a GoFleet tracking system will allow you to rest assured that your assets are safe and secure at all times.

Our Satellite Asset Tracking from can help protect your most valuable assets.

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