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Elderly Care

Track Vehicles of Elderly Geotab GoFleet

Whether you are an elder care facility or simply are caring for an adult with special health needs then you understand the worry that can often come with this responsibility. GoFleet GPS tracking systems will allow you to have constant tabs on your loved one ensuring that they are safe and secure while allowing them to maintain their independence. This is especially important if they have health problems which can cause an emergency situation to arise. Elderly adults can often become disoriented and confused which can cause them to be at risk while driving.

With a GoFleet GPS tracking service you can easily get immediately alerts on risky behavior and accidents

  • Track the Whereabouts of Elderly Adults 24/7
  • Assign Specific Boundaries
  • Set Alerts for Pressure & Location Changes
  • Get Informed Quickly in the Event of an accident
  • Helps Elderly Adults to Live Independently

Our GPS tracking system is a great tool for elder care facilities, nursing homes and assisted living companies that are responsible for the care of multiple elderly patients each day. Easily track vehicles of elderly adults to keep them safe and secure at all times!

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