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Teen Tracking & Protection

Protect Teen With GPS Tracking Tools Geotab GoFleet

Your children are your life and here at GoFleet we understand the importance of keeping your teens safe and sound. Nothing is scarier than worrying about a new driver in the family. We understand this and want to help you manage risky driving habits while still providing them with the freedom they want. With our safety and GPS tracking tools you can effectively prevent aggressive driving and reduce insurance and fuel costs. Effectively manage behavior with features such as in-vehicle audible driver coaching on speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and dangerous driving. Get notified instantly on accidents, speeding and other risky habits. And of course constantly have the ability to monitor your teens location in real-time.

Here are some of the many benefits that you will enjoy with GoFleet’s GPS tracking tools to help protect your teens:

  • Real-time audible driver coaching
  • Speeding alerts by posted road speeds
  • Harsh Braking/Acceleration audible alerts
  • Speeding in-vehicle alert
  • Email notifications on accidents and driver behavior settings
  • Real-time tracking and trip history
  • Fuel consumption and economy report

These tracking devices are able to easily be placed in items such as a picket coat or backpack so that you can easily determine their location. If you child knows of the GoFleet tracking device and is in danger they can quickly hit the emergency button to alert you so that you can quickly respond!

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