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Easy to Use

Our solutions are user-friendly and easy-to-use. Simply plug-in our solutions and keep track of your location, fuel, faults, acceleration and much more.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Plug and Play Device OBDii Port

Plug & Play Install

Monitoring driving behavior has never been easier. Plug and track in seconds with a durable, self-contained GPS fleet management solution that requires no hard wiring. Installs are simple, tamper proof and affordable. Combining the world's first expandable plug and play platform with a robust free software development kit allows you to integrate your existing hardware and software.

Plug and Play GPS Vehicle Tracking

Around the clock customer care

Our products are designed with you in mind. If you require support with any of our GPS fleet solutions, our talented technicians are on hand to offer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customer Care

No-Hassle Dispatch on the Fly

Streamline your business, view and manage vehicles in real-time. Engage with 2-way communication to dispatch messages, stops and routes directly to your drivers.

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Live Tracking

Take advantage of the latest in 3G GPS fleet management technologies that allow you to watch your drivers in real-time with an industry leading tracking refresh rate.

Live GPS Vehicle Tracking

2-Way Messaging

Increase communication functionalities with a tool that allows managers to talk directly to drivers via their on-board GARMIN navigation. Messages are time-stamped and verified to confirm instructions have been read.

2-Way Messaging

Stop & Route Mangement

Plan and dispatch the shortest routes directly to drivers and view daily stops to ensure time management and prompt delivery.

Route Management

Foresee and Prevent Breakdowns

Spot trouble before it happens. Our GPS fleet management software hardware includes built-in vehicle diagnostics that are able to spot problems and discrepancies before they occur.

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Diagnose Faults
from ECM

Hyper-sensitive diagnostics provide an in-depth insight directly from a vehicle’s computer. Detect and locate faults and ensure your assets are up to standard.

Diagnose Faults ECM

Real-Time Alerts

Our GPS fleet management solutions notify you of critical alerts, such as engine overheating, accidents, PTO engaged & driving, Salter-On and much more. Never look at an oil change sticker again! Odometer and engine hours are pulled directly from the vehicle’s computer and displayed right for you.

Real-Time Alerts


You will never have to look at an oil change sticker again. Odometer and engine hours is pulled directly from the vehicle computer and display it to you.


Put a Stop to Risky Behavior

Eliminate your business vulnerability! Over 30% of fuel costs and 90% of crashes are influenced by driver behavior.

Free GPS Vehicle Tracking

Audible Driver Coaching

Our devices offer real-time behavior feedback to reduce your risk and fuel use. It’s GPS fleet management software that enhances productivity with every mile.

Audible Driver Coaching

Liability Reduction

Reduce your insurance rates through reduced claims, better protection against theft and liability protection with accident recreation.

GPS Tracking Liability Reduction

Accident Recreation

Get millisecond breakdown of an accident with detailed measure impact acceleration and direction. Protect yourself in the court of law.

Accident Recreation

Beat Competitors

Our service level is world class and we work with clients to tailor solutions that are specific to their needs. Let us help you streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Free 30 Days

Improve Customer Service

Managing your fleet has never been easier. With better control you will dispatch more, waste less and make more money.

Improve Customer Service Geotab Reseller

Lower Costs

Accurately account service hours, eliminate payroll disputes, reduce miles driven, reduce fuel use and stop paying high overtime costs.

Lower Costs with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Integrate Systems

Combining the world's first expandable plug and play platform with a robust free software development kit allows you to integrate your existing hardware and software.

Integrate Existing Systems