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Live Verbal Feedback Coaching.

Improve driving behaviour with one-on-one in-vehicle coaching. Provide meaningful, in-real-time verbal feedback.


Hold Your Fleet To The Highest Standard.

Gather actionable driver behavioural performance data and create competitions designed to improve driving behaviour with our fleet scoring platform.

Capture Footage That Best Protects Your Fleet.

Verify safety and productivity via live streaming and ensure compliance to all rules and policies with our fleet telematics camera system.

Top 27 Requirements




Reduce The Cost Of Administration.

Reduce mistakes while saving time and money with our digital forms.

It's About What You Want To Measure.

Customize your dashboards and see only what matters most to you.

Stay Ahead Of Vehicle Faults.

Support your fleet with a proactive maintenance system. Reduce vehicle downtime and prevent vehicle related injuries.

Track What Is Most Important To You.

Beyond live vehicle location, and rich diagnostic and behavioural data. GO Telematic GPS trackers expand allows to fit your needs.

Facilities Management.

We understand that at peak periods every second counts. Let us help you save time spent looking for equipment and specific inventory with ZenBeacons.


Custome Software. Third Party Systems.

Software Built For You.

Your needs are unique, so let’s build a software solution that fits.

Yes, We Can Integrate That.

Continue using your open source software with our solution. Hire our expert software developers.

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