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How GoFleet Is Helping Public Sectors Understand, Optimize & Succeed

Today’s economy is experiencing rapid technological advancement, the likes of which have never been seen before. This has given rise to unprecedented challenges for government fleets, as well as opportunities. As a result, government fleets at all levels are becoming “smarter” in how they operate to better serve and improve the lives of citizens.

GoFleet recognizes that public sector organizations have an added pressure to model top safety measures and adhere to environmental concerns, fluctuating mandates, and restrictive budgets. With these factors in place, the challenge of government fleet management is amplified and a reliable, cost effective solution is crucial. To fill these gaps, an increasing number of public sector organizations are trusting GoFleet for support as they take the next step in their fleet’s transformation; enhancing fleet productivity and safety, maintenance and inventory management, as well as ensuring swift response times for all time sensitive operations.

Government Success Portfolio

Connecting Winter Fleets with Citizens: City of Edmonston’s Interactive Public Map

In September 2018, the City of Edmonston’s public works department partnered with GoFleet to deploy their telematics program. The goal was to increase transparency regarding meeting road compliance standards. Today, GoFleet supports the City of Edmonston by enabling citizens to instantly see the location of individual plows and when roads and sidewalks have been serviced.

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Dubai International Airport: Making Smart Operations Even Smarter

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. In 2018, the airport saw approximately 81.9 million passengers and it is projected to reach 103.5 million by 2020*. To keep pace, Dubai International Airport is partnering with GoFleet to help it coordinate its vast fleet with flight arrivals and departures.

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How the Goodlettsville Police Department Took Proative Steps to Protecting Their Officers

The Goodlettsville Police Department partnered with GoFleet to equip its vehicles with industry-leading telematics products and preventative maintenance management software. This resulted in the Police Department saving $237,200 per year on insurance and maintenance costs.

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Supporting Public Works Fleets: The City of Charlottetown

The City of Charlottetown, the capital city of Prince Edward Island partnered with Gofleet to support the coordination, aggregation, and real-time analysis of relevant public works fleet data. This included the City’s winter maintenance fleet, fire protection fleet, including emergency response vehicles, and the Public Transit Fleet.

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SAWS: Launching Livestream Telematics in the Water Utility Industry

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is a local water and wastewater utility company in San Antonio, Texas. The company has a fleet size of roughly over 1,300 pieces of equipment, approximately 871, 000 water and wastewater customers, and 10,400 miles of water and wastewater mains to maintain. As such, SAWS has partnered with GoFleet to equip approximately 78% of its fleet with industry-leading telematics products to address needs relating, but not limited to, accountability, safety, and environment.

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