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Geotab Compliance Truck ELD

Fleet Management

Fleet Management, Working With The Best | 4 min read

Rogue Transportation Inc.

With the ZenduIT TruckMate Integration, GoFleet has helped Rogue Transportation eliminate problems and concerns with dispatching and work orders.
Trucking With Pets
Blog, Fleet Management | 5 min read

Trucking With Pets: What Fleets Need To Know

Long haul trucking is a lonely job as commercial truck drivers drive long hours to deliver goods. There are many benefits of trucking with pets.
Telematics in dangerous sectors
Blog, Fleet Management | 7 min read

How Telematics Comes Into Play In Dangerous Sectors

To ensure safety and productivity in dangerous sectors, many authoritative corporations are implementing telematics solutions throughout their operations.
Fleet Management, Working With The Best | 5 min read

Forest Trotter

GoFleet has helped Forest Trotter address issues related to compliance, driver behaviour, data collection and data visibility were solved.
Exception Reporting
Blog, Fleet Management, Working With The Best | 2 min read

Measure Fleet Standards with Exception Reporting

Easily understand where/when a vehicle issue arises with exception reporting within your GPS solution; create rules and understand driver behavior.
International Roadcheck
Fleet Management | 2 min read

Now Scheduled: CVSA’s International Roadcheck

The International Roadcheck is a thorough inspection of commercial vehicles on the road, conducted by inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.
speedy transport, telematics, gofleet, idling, reports
Fleet Management, Working With The Best | 5 min read

Speedy Transport Group Inc.

GoFleet has helped Speedy Transport save on fuel by lowering unnecessary fuel consumption and increase overall productivity!
Fleet Management, Working With The Best | 4 min read

DeCarolis Truck Leasing And Rental

After implementing telematics, DeCarolis found that all of their previous concerns related to billing, maintenance scheduling and more were addressed.