GPS fleet vehicle tracking

Program Details

Beginning Q2 2017, EQT began a technology initiative to install connected technologies in their vehicles. In an attempt to eliminate catastrophic accidents and maximize CSP’s efficiency within their fleet. This technology will be a requirement for Contracted Service Providers (CSPs) to continue working for EQT. Click here for more detail on the program.

To get the equipment for your fleet please register and select from the hardware items below based on your contracted fleet size.

If you have questions please schedule a demonstration with a GoFleet Representative.

    GoFleet Telematics Bundle

    Solution Pricing


    Easily track and monitor your drivers and their performance through driver challenge and score carding metrics. Expand your solution through the IOX port to hook up tablets, smartphones, cameras, etc. directly into the GPS device. Notify drivers of poor driving via rules component and having device proactively alert them to broken rules. Complete compliance including HOS/DVIR, IFTA, PTO Monitoring. The ZenduCAM add-in provides you an unparalleled solution for managing fleet safety, customer service and compliance. The SmartWitness KP1S Dash Camera provides live real-time instant playback from your fleet dash cam to the ZenduCAM MyGeotab Add-In. Geotab rules trigger instant email notifications with a direct link to SmartWitness event recording footage.

    - Live Fleet Management/Reporting Management Tools - Live active real-time tracking and historical trips are accessible by phone or web view.
    - Ensure Company’s/Driver’s are following EQT safety guidelines - Standard safety rules and scorecard reports will be defined across EQT CSPs
    - ELD Compliance to Ensure driver’s are not driving more than available hours - App and GO device automatically logs driver’s on-duty, driving status to ELD Mandate.
    - DVIR Compliance ensure pre-post trip inspections are completed for vehicle safety - Driver’s can perform inspections from app
    - Active real-time coaching in critical high-risk areas
    - Respond quickly and effectively to events with an appropriate response based on actual event footage sent to your email
    - Give feedback to drivers or customers based on live real-time playback from your vehicle dash/rear view cameras
    - Manage your recordings and protect yourself from insurance fraud, false claims, conflicting reports of events with unlimited cloud storage

    - Live & Historical Tracking
    - Safety Compliance Reporting
    - Driver Hours of Service Logs
    - Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
    - In-Vehicle Driver Coaching
    - Live Streaming Video
    - Fetch Video Events Over the Air
    - Automated Video Notifications
    - Review Video Incidents Based on a Specific Time/Location

    - Telematics Hardware + HD Diagnostic Connector
    - Road Facing ZenduCAM
    - Driver Facing Camera


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    Blue NFC Plastic Key Fob. Scan key fob onto installed IOX DRIVERID NFC Reader module to associate driver to vehicle. Instructions on setting up driver id key fob on MyGeotab: https://www.gofleet.com/question/driver-id-nfc-install-and-mygeotab-setup/

    Add SPR Relay for ignition interlock to prevent vehicle start.

    Blue Key Fob

    IOX Driver ID Hardware

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    The IOX-NFC READER integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) with the GO Device to help identify which drivers are operating which vehicles in a fleet at any given time. Drivers tap a Driver ID key to against a vehicle’s driver identification reader to identify themselves. Each key has a serial number that is associated with a specific user account. Fleet managers can utilize MyGeotab to create rules, reports, and exceptions based on individual drivers or vehicles.

    • Improve Driver Management
    • Enables Driver-Based Reporting
    • Increase Safety
    • Quick & Easy Plug-and-Play Install

    • Track Driver data Across Different Vehicles
    • Assign Drivers to Vehicles
    • Alert to Remind Drivers to Swipe ID
    • Plug-and-Play Install to the GO Device