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Geotab Compliance Truck ELD

ELD (Electronic Log)

Buying ELD Solutions
ELD (Electronic Log), GPS Tracking Benefits | 8 min read

Questions To Ask Before Buying ELD Solutions

Buying ELD solutions can be a daunting task. Make sure to review these 7 questions and be confident with your purchase.
aobrd to eld migration
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log) | 5 min read

Using An AOBRD? It’s Time To Migrate To ELDs Now!

It's safe to say that at some point every driver will need to switch from an AOBRD to an ELD. Don't put it off, start seeing benefits from the device now!
eld compliant, fleet management, fleet, trucking
ELD (Electronic Log) | 4 min read

What Happens If You’re Not ELD Compliant

As the deadline to be ELD compliant is quickly approaching, it's important to understand what may happen to your fleet if drivers are not compliant.
eld compliant
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log) | 5 min read

ELD’s – How to Choose the Right Solution

Not being ELD compliant can cost you. With the deadline quickly approaching, you can't afford to overlook how critical electronic logging devices are.
Taking Your Fleet Telematics to the Next Level
Blog, Bus Tracking, Competitive Edge, ELD (Electronic Log), Fleet Management, Government, GPS Tracking Benefits, Heavy Machinery, Limousine, Mobile Fleet Tracking, Rental Cars, Telematics, Truck Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Waste Management | 4 min read

Taking Your Fleet Telematics to the Next Level

With basic telematics implemented into your fleet, you are now able to track the location, movement and speed of all of your vehicles.
eld canadian
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log) | 6 min read

Canadian ELD Mandate: Quick Facts for Fleets

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are due to become compulsory in Canada by June 21, 2021. Here you'll find quick facts about the Canadian ELD Mandate.
Benefits of an ELD
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log) | 3 min read

What are the Benefits of an ELD?

What are the benefits of an ELD? There are lots of important benefits of an ELD system. Their primary uses include monitoring and logging hours, but...