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Users Clearances

  • 1. Go to administration and click on users:
  • 2. Click on the user you wish to modify.
  • 3. Scroll down to security clearances under user information:
  • 4. Click on the arrow to view the different clearances available.
Access levels:
  • – Nothing (Allows access to help and should be reserved for training purposes)
  • – View Only (Allows viewing all data within their group but cannot make changes)
  • – Default User (Allows creating zones and groups and is able to view data for drivers and vehicles which belong to their own group)
  • – Supervisor (Removes ability to change users, databases, engine data, server status and global system options)
  • – Administrator (Full access)
  • 5. Click Save
*Should you have any questions, please contact GoFleet customer support by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 1-888-998-1122 x2.
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