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Answer for How to Organize Vehicles, Exceptions, Zones and Users into Groups

You can organize your vehicles, exceptions, zones and users into groups to match your organization structure. For instance, if your organization has East and West divisions, then you can easily separate your account in this way. This allows important information for each division to be presented only to those responsible for managing them.

To create a sub group, go to Rules and Groups and click on Groups:


Click on the arrow beside the base group (ex. Entire Organization)


* Groups can be placed inside other groups. This allows your Geotab account to be set up to match your organization’s hierarchy.


* Make sure you click save after every change you make.

To assign vehicles, exceptions, zones and users into groups please follow the steps below:

Vehicles: Go To Vehicles –> Select the vehicle you wish to modify –> Click on groups –> Click on the drop down list to view the list of groups you have on the system –> Choose the sub group and click save.

Exceptions: Go to Rules and Groups –> Click on Rules –> Select the Exception rule you would like to modify modify –> Select the group saveas –> Click Save.

Zones: Go to Zones and Messages –> Select the Zone you wish to modify –> Select the group from the drop down list saveas –> Click Save.

Users: Go to Administration –> Click on Users –> Select the user you wish to modify –> Scroll down to Data Scope –> Select the Group saveas –> Click Save.


*Should you have any questions, please contact GoFleet customer support by
e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 1-888-998-1122 x2*


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