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Answer for How Do I Edit/Remove a Zone?

Modifying a Zone

To change the shape of a zone, find the zone on the map or search for it in the zones list. Selecting a zone on the map and the menu below will be shown.

Select Edit Zone to change zone name, type or color, or Select Change zone shape to modify the boundary by moving or removing individual points. To add a new point to the boundary, select along the zone boundary. Remove an existing point by dragging it off the map. When finished, select Save changes, or Cancel to return to the previous screen.

Removing a Zone

Zones can be removed from the database by selecting a zone and then selecting Remove. Once the zone is removed, your reports which previously displayed the zone name will instead show the address if available and you will no longer be able to see the zone on the map.
Making changes to or removing multiple zones at a time is made easy by using the check-box at the top right hand corner to select multiple zones.

Once your zones are selected, select Remove or Edit Zones from the top menu to affect all the selected zones.

*Note: The zone list displays 500 zones at a time, use Select Visible to select the entire page at once.

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