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Answer for How Are Maintenance Reminders Set Up?

  1. From the Home Page, select Engine and Maintenance -> Reminders
  2. Click Reminder Rules -> Add
  3. Fill in the following fields to create the reminder rule
    1. Description: Unique name for the reminder rule.
    2. Reminder Rule Type: Specifies the type of event you wish to create a reminder for
    3. Recurrence: Specify the time interval and mileage/engine hours between each  You can also specify a specific date for non-recurring events
  4. Click Save when finished to create the reminder rule
  5. After Setting up the Reminder rule, you need to add the vehicles to each reminder you created. To  Add vehicles to a reminder, please follow steps 6 – 8.
  6. Choose the specific reminder for the reminder rules list.
  7. Click Add Vehicles–> Choose a vehicle from the drop down list–> Complete the fields as required,the data should reflect the last time the maintenance was performed on the vehicle. The system will ask you to specify the last time the event occurred (ex. Oil Change 26/09/14 and Odometer 235681 KM), and then it will automatically set the next day for Oil change based on the rule setup.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Once a maintenance is complete you have to go back and update the entries for the vehicle, to update the entries go to Reminder–> Select the maintenance reminder that was completed — > Click “Add Maintenance”–> Complete the required fields. The system then will start calculating again for the next maintenance event.
  10. To setup maintenance reminders notification, please Click Here

For more information about maintenance reminders, please contact support by e-mailing [email protected]  or by calling 1-888-998-1122 x 2. 

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