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Dubai International Airport: Making Smart Operations Even Smarter

December 2018

Dubai is home to one of the busiest airports in the world. In 2018, the airport saw approximately 89 million passengers and it is projected to reach 103.5 million by 2020. To keep pace, Dubai International Airport is partnering with GoFleet to help coordinate its vast fleet with flight arrivals and departures.

Up until this point, Dubai Airports did not have a Vehicle Tracking and Management System (VTMS) set in place to monitor vehicle usage, driver behaviour, or to regulate road usage. GoFleet will bridge these gaps to help streamline operational efficiency.

What is GoFleet Doing to Help?

GoFleet Corporation, in partnership with its direct distributor, Geotab Inc. plans to deploy Dubai Airports with Geotab GPS/AVL tracking hardware to effectively track vehicles, assets, and passengers. Our solutions will improve airside safety involving fleet vehicles by enabling driver identification and direct accountability for all vehicle usage. This means that a driver’s behaviour will be monitored as they operate the vehicle. This includes speeding, harsh braking, driving on restricted routes, unwarranted idling time, and much more.

By monitoring unnecessary vehicle idling and optimizing vehicle usage, Dubai Airports will be effectively reducing CO2 emissions and their carbon footprint – benefitting not only the airport, but our planet at large.

Tracking and optimizing their fleet vehicles will allow for a reduction in ground support equipment road congestion. This will remove nonessential vehicles on key routes, which will make the orchestration of routine activities more efficient and improve response times for any emergency situations.

About Dubai Airports

Dubai Airports owns and manages the operation and development of both Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC). Dubai Airports delivers a world-class experience to their customers by providing safe, secure and environmentally responsible airports. DXB and DWC are both dynamic and fast-growing airports that truly connect the world and drive the growth of Dubai.

About Go Fleet Corporation

Established in 2007, GoFleet corporation is an industry leading provider of end to end fleet management solutions. Fortune 500 companies rely on our solutions and expertise to enhance driver safety, improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption and achieve stronger compliance to regulatory changes. For more information on how your business can benefit from GoFleet, contact one of our consultants today!

Sources: Statista, CNN, Dubai Airports

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Anna Matson, Marketing Specialist, GoFleet
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