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Driver Performance

prevent & stop distracted driving
Blog, Driver Performance, Safety | 3 min read

Technology to Prevent & Stop Distracted Driving

That's right, there is a technology for distracted driving! Distracted driving plays a major role in a lot of accidents, and it's only getting worse.
what is Considered as Distracted Driving
Blog, Driver Performance, Safety | 4 min read

What’s Considered as Distracted Driving?

What is considered as distracted driving? You would be surprised to know that it isn't only holding your cell phone while texting or calling...
driver safety, safety reports
Blog, Driver Performance, Safety | 2 min read

Part 3: Common Useful Reports – Driver Safety Reports

Reports are a useful fleet management tool because they provide snapshots for decision making. For instance, safety managers use driver safety reports ...
driver safety course
Blog, Driver Performance | 4 min read

Driver Safety Course: Common Driving Mistakes

What are some common driving mistakes? We’ll take a look at 6 of the most common driving mistakes in this post. Read more.
managing driver fatigue
Blog, Driver Performance, Safety | 3 min read

Managing Driving Fatigue Around Daylight Savings Time

The clocks sprang forward for Daylight Savings Time. With more sunlight in the evening, fleet safety managers are concerned about managing driver fatigue.
driver risk management
Blog, Driver Performance | 4 min read

Driver Risk Management | Driver Training & Management

Although most safety managers prepare great selection and training, it is often hard to measure a driver’s risk. That risk is called driver risk management
Retaining Drivers with Telematics
Blog, Driver Performance, Increase Productivity | 4 min read

5 Ways Telematics Promotes a Positive Workplace Culture

Installing telematics in a fleet comes with amazing productivity, safety & engine health benefits,and it can also help to keep a positive workplace culture
GPS Jammers
Blog, Driver Performance | 4 min read

The Incredible Disappearing Car: Combating GPS Jammers

A GPS jammer is used by a person trying to hide his or her position to try and remain undetected. Thankfully, we have proceedures in place to detect this.