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Section 1: Describe your current fleet operations to determine potential cost savings.
Section 2: Questionnaire to identify additional opportunities for improvement in safety and compliance.
Section 3: Areas of Opportunity in Your Fleet and a Savings Estimation.

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How many vehicles are in your fleet? :
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Realtime visibility of your drivers
Overtime Costs
Aggressive driving(Speeding, Accidents)
Excessive Idling
Fuel Theft
Maintenance Management
Dispatch & Messaging
Do your Vehicles drive between various states and provinces?
Do you allow personal use of the vehicle?
Do you Use a Fuel Card?
How would you rate your reporting?
Do your assets run onboard powered equipment?
Do you operate heavy equipment, trailers or non-powered assets ?
Do you operate under high risk or remote conditions? Vehicle theft is a concern
Operate regularly in Remote Regions with no Cell Coverage
Technicians often Work Alone (man-down)
I would benefit from Live/Passive Camera Monitoring
Describe your Maintenance Management (check all that apply) We have had preventable breakdowns that could have been avoided
We have a hard time managing maintenance reminders
We could benefit from a maintenance parts and work order management system
We could benefit from viewing vehicle diagnostic trouble faults