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Competitive Edge

Dash Cams Lower Insurance Rates
Blog, Competitive Edge | 2 min read

Can Dash Cams Lower Insurance Rates?

Can dash cams lower insurance rates? Consider the following case. Two fleet owners got together and talked about their insurance. Their fleets used...
Digital Forms
Blog, Competitive Edge, Increase Productivity | 3 min read

It’s Easy and Effective to Make Digital Forms

Nowadays, there are tons of free tools to help people make digital forms. In this article, we'll discuss some best practices.
Blog, Competitive Edge, GPS Tracking Benefits | 3 min read

Tech Disruption: Restaurant Delivery Vehicle Tracking

Nowadays, people use food order apps and watch restaurant delivery vehicle tracking to monitor their food! Take a look at how these services work.
Wireless Car Tracker Devices
Blog, Competitive Edge | 3 min read

Wireless Car Tracker Devices in Popular Media

Wireless car tracker devices are multimedia! They are showing up in various media including TV shows, movies, and video games.
Blog, Competitive Edge, Green Fleet, Increase Productivity | 1 min read

Paperwork Got You Down? Join the Paperless Revolution

Struggling to manage invoices, bills of lading & other forms? With the ELD Mandate you have to switch from paper logs to e-logs, so why not switch it all?
gofleet versus competition
Blog, Competitive Edge, Working With The Best | 3 min read

GoFleet versus the Competition

With such high demand it's no surprise how many GPS fleet management companies are out there; take a look at GoFleet vs the competition & why we stand out.
Blog, Competitive Edge | 3 min read

Power of Custom Reports

Over 30 standard reports & limitless custom reporting options; driver event information can be downloaded, customized & scheduled to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly.