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Connecting Winter Fleets with Citizens: City of Edmundston’s Interactive Public Map


September 2018

We are proud to announce that in September of 2018, the City of Edmundston’s Public Works Department partnered with GoFleet Corporation to deploy their telematics program! The goal was to increase transparency in terms of meeting road compliance standards. Today, GoFleet supports the City of Edmonston by enabling citizens to instantly see the location of individual plows and when roads and sidewalks have been serviced.

Anyone with access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer can access the interactive map by simply selecting an option on the city’s quick access tab called “Where’s the Snow Plow”. This new implementation not only allows for more convenience for shovellers hoping not to get themselves blocked in again by the snow plow, but it also takes a great leap forward in public safety as citizens are now able to view which routes are in the best condition for their daily commutes.


“We are very proud to introduce this application and we believe that citizens will greatly appreciate the information generated. The interactive map is simple and user-friendly”

– Edmundston Mayor Cyrille Simard



With the help of GoFleet’s GPS tracking solutions, users can follow the progress of winter operations in their area in real time, view a history of the road sections maintained during the last 24 hours and can even get information about the different routes of operations. The map is easy to navigate with simple zoom in and out functions, and to make it even easier, your location can be displayed on the interactive map if the location feature is enabled on your browser or smart device. This way, users can see exactly how close they are to serviced routes and winter maintenance vehicles. Another feature that is particularly useful to the city is the ability to view a map from multiple perspectives. One map view focuses on displaying information relating to plowed roads, while the second map focuses on serviced sidewalks in the city. Allowing for citizens to easily see which exact surfaces were plowed and plan their day accordingly.

Edmundston typically experiences some of the heaviest snowfalls in New Brunswick, making this city a prime location to implement this exciting and user-friendly software. On the first day of publication by the City of Edmundston, the page had over 1000 hits, within a city population of 16000 citizens.

In the coming years, GoFleet will work to expand even further into the winter maintenance industry by partnering with Public Works Departments across the country to develop customized solutions that best fit the city’s needs.


About the Edmundston Public Works Department

Edmundston is a city in Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada. The Edmundston Public Works Department is responsible for overseeing a number of services which have a direct impact on the quality of life of Edmundston residents. These services include infrastructure planning, properties and buildings, road maintenance, green spaces and environment, as well as water and sewage. The City of Edmundston strives to create an open, prospering and sustainable city.

About Go Fleet Corporation

Established in 2007, GoFleet corporation is an industry leading provider of end to end fleet management solutions. Fortune 500 companies rely on our solutions and expertise to enhance driver safety, improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption and achieve stronger compliance to regulatory changes.

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Sources: City of Edmundston, CBC


Media Contact:

Anna Matson, Marketing Specialist, GoFleet
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