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Measure Fleet Standards with Exception Reporting

Generate reports based on Exception Rules Understanding where and when an issue arises with your vehicle can be made simple by creating rules within your solution. Fleet managers are capable of setting specific fleet standards (rules) within the database, these...

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7 Steps to a Happy & Authentic Company Culture

Company Culture: 7 Steps To Creating A Happy & Authentic Culture Many small businesses do not understand the concept of a company culture; they don't tend to think it is something that applies to their business. According to 7 Steps...

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Better Time Management For Fleet Managers Part 2

Time Management Techniques For Fleet Managers Yesterday, we addressed how managers can manage their time better using technology and prioritizing in “ Better Time Management For Fleet Managers ”. Today, we will go over other helpful time management techniques fleet...

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Better Time Management For Fleet Managers

Better Time Management for Fleet Managers through Technology and Prioritizing For fleet managers, they are usually busy with no extra time on their hands. With the internet, mobile devices and cell phones, fleet management has become a 24/7 job. There...

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Develop A Competitive Advantage: Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service: Develop A Competitive Advantage In order for your business to survive long-term, you must develop a competitive advantage to differentiate your business from your competitors. There are several ways you can do that. One main way you...

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Improve Your Customers’ Experience

GPS Tracking Management Improves Your Customers’ Experience It’s very likely you have heard the expression “Work smarter, not harder.” If you are like many small business owners, you probably have thought to yourself, “Is it really that easy?” If you...

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Required Skills of a Fleet Manager to Career Longevity

Automotive Fleet, featured in the recent Bobit Publication, provided insight into the secrets of increasing ones longevity in fleet management. The five main points below are the essentials to being a great fleet manager over time. Be Adaptable & Flexible...

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Tips For Becoming a Customer Support Star

In the rapidly growing and competitive fleet management/telematics industry, having a quality product is essential, but so is having an excellent customer support system. Your ability to provide support as a service to customers is crucial. You must strive to...

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