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Idling Time: What's Preventable & What's Acceptable

When it comes to obtaining return on investment (ROI) information with GPS fleet tracking technology, the lowest hanging fruit typically revolves around fuel savings by reducing speeding and idling time. Idling time can be defined as the duration of time...

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Reduce Fuel Spending, GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Can Help

Simple Changes and a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Will Reduce Fuel Spending There are several things that can be done to help save both fuel and money. From simply avoiding too many stops to building a whole new fuel-efficient model,...

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Tips on How to Reduce Fleet Emissions

Reduce Fleet Emissions With These Helpful Tips Want to reduce your fleet emissions? The concept is quite simple: the greater your fuel consumption, the greater your emissions will be. Reducing your fuel consumption will in turn reduce your fleets emissions....

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5 Ways to Reduce Fuel Expenses with GPS Fleet Tracking

Reduce Fuel Expenses With GPS Fleet Tracking Today’s elevated fuel prices cause fleet managers to spend as much as 30 percent of their budget on fuel alone. Fleet managers that aim to maximize their vehicles MPG performance with the use...

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