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increase dispatching efficiency
Blog, Dispatching | 3 min read

How to Increase Dispatching Efficiency

In the world of dispatching, efficiency is key to provide fast service with minimal mistakes for your customers. In this blog we cover different ways to increase dispatching efficiency.
Benefits of E Forms
Blog, Increase Productivity | 3 min read

The Benefits of Using E Forms

There are many benefits of using e forms. Since their introduction, many organizations have begun to use e forms for many reasons. We highlight some of those reasons in this blog.
prevent & stop distracted driving
Blog, Driver Performance, Safety | 3 min read

Technology to Prevent & Stop Distracted Driving

Thats right, there is technology for distracted driving! distracted driving plays a major role in a lot of accidents, and it's only getting worse. Here we have some solutions outlined for you.
How to Protect Vehicles
Blog, Fleet Management | 2 min read

Steps You Need to Take to Protect Your Vehicles

If you own a fleet, your vehicles should be your babies too. Let's discuss some ways you can protect them and sleep better at night.
what is Considered as Distracted Driving
Blog, Driver Performance, Safety | 4 min read

What’s Considered as Distracted Driving?

What is considered as distracted driving? You would be surprised to know that it isn't only holding your cell phone while texting or calling...
Benefits of an ELD
Blog, ELD (Electronic Log) | 3 min read

What are the Benefits of an ELD?

What are the benefits of an ELD? There are lots of important benefits of an ELD system. Their primary uses include monitoring and logging hours, but...
dash cam with GPS benefits
Blog, GPS Tracking Benefits | 3 min read

Benefits of Using a Dash Cam with a GPS System

Firstly, we’ll discuss when fleets can use fleet cameras without additional GPS devices. Secondly, we’ll look at benefits of using a dash cam with a GPS