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In-Vehicle Cameras

commercial vehicle dashcams
Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 4 min read

Why Some Commercial Vehicle Dashcams Fail

It’s no secret - having commercial vehicle dashcams is the industry norm. However, what about some of the other, non-popular stories?
best dashcam
Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 3 min read

Best Dashcam Stories Over the Last Year

People and businesses are coming up with creative uses for dashcams. Here are some of the best dashcam stories from last year.
Top 10 Dash Camera
Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 4 min read

Top 10 Dash Camera Features

Drivers are realizing that dash cameras protect them from accident liability. In no particular order, here are our top 10 dash camera features
drive safer with dash cam
Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 3 min read

Will a Dash Cam Change Your Fleet’s Driving Habits?

There's a reason dash cams are already installed in almost every vehicle in Russia - fleet cameras greatly reduce liability, and improve driving habits.
in car camera system
Add-Ons, Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 2 min read

In Car Camera System: Helping To Protect Fleets

GoFleet offers an real-time and high resolution in car camera system by Zone Defense as an add-on to their GPS fleet management solution.