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Blog, Temperature Monitoring | 3 min read

Advantages of Wireless Temperature Monitoring

What are some of the advantages of wireless temperature monitoring? Improving Customer Service Preventing Spoilage Complying with Laws Before discussing these benefits, let’s take a step back. Even before wireless temperature monitoring existed, fleets had to control temperature to ensure food is not spoiled.
Blog, Temperature Monitoring | 3 min read

A Guide to Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

A common question that fleets ask when they begin their research is, "What is the best wireless temperature monitoring system for our business needs?" There are many wireless temperature monitoring systems, each fitting different business needs. Two alternatives include Bluetooth tags and a reefer monitoring system.
Blog, Fleet Routing Software | 3 min read

Four Questions for Fleet Dispatchers to Solve

What exactly is fleet dispatching? Fleet dispatching is a job where someone communicates with drivers and customers in order to schedule driving assignments. Dispatchers have a hectic workload between managing drivers, customers, forms, and everything in between.
Blog, Tire Monitoring | 3 min read

3 Technologies to Control Tire Expenses

Why is it important to control tire expenses? Tire expenses are the third biggest expense for most fleets. In order to control expenses, fleets must consider capacity, tire pressure maintenance, and tire purchases.
Fleet Fuel Cards Best Practices
Blog, Fuel Card, Fuel Savings | 3 min read

Best Practices When Using Fleet Fuel Cards

One of my hobbies include teaching math to kids. Besides "when the heck are we going to use this in real life", one of the most common questions I get is "where does money come from?" Well, great question! A long, long time ago, our ancestors used a bartering system to trade items.
drive safer with dash cam
Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 2 min read

Will a Dash Cam Change Your Fleet’s Driving Habits?

One of the world’s leading psychologists, Anders Ericsson, says that deliberate practice is the best way to master a skill. That can be difficult to apply to drivers, or really to most jobs.
Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 3 min read

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Dash Cams for Your Fleet

If your business runs a fleet of vehicles, you have probably thought about outfitting those vehicles with fleet dash cameras. These systems have become smaller, easier to use, and more affordable to the point where dash cams are providing a great return on investment and should be considered standard equipment.
Blog, In-Vehicle Cameras | 3 min read

Choosing the Best Commercial Vehicle Camera System For Your Fleet

Most fleet managers have had a driver get into an accident at some point and dealing with the fallout can be maddening. It’s often difficult to know exactly what happened, and fleet managers want to trust their driver’s explanation, but that can be difficult to do in light of competing evidence.
reefer temperature monitoring system
Blog, Temperature Monitoring | 2 min read

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Reefer Temperature Monitoring System

With the release of the new US Food Safety Modernization Act, there is a huge increase in demand for reefer temperature monitoring systems. But with the release of this new mandate, it's important to ensure the system you choose, is one that will keep you in line with the FSMA.