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PTO Tracking Software for PTO Equipment


What is PTO Equipment?

Power Take Off (PTO) refers to auxiliary equipment of a licensed motor vehicle that uses fuel (clear diesel fuel, gasoline and propane) from the vehicle’s fuel tank(s). Many companies rely on the PTO to generate the power for specific pieces of equipment, without relying solely on the use of the engine itself.


Some Examples of PTO Equipment

  • • refrigeration units
  • • cement mixers
  • • power vacuums, pumps and blowers
  • • aerial buckets, lifts and cranes
  • • truck mounted hot water extraction machine
  • • garbage truck compactor
  • • onboard shredder

PTO Tracking Software

Our GPS devices have the ability to gather data from the vehicle’s ECM (engine control module) and provide information regarding the status of the PTO unit. Through PTO tracking software, in most cases PTO equipment can be monitored directly through the ECM, requiring no additional cable/installation. PTO reports can be generated within our software, which includes a PTO tracking system, based on user-defined rules.

Do You Qualify for a Power Take Off Tax Refund?

If you paid tax on fuel to operate PTO equipment, you may be eligible for a refund.

To qualify for a PTO tax refund, you have to meet all these conditions:

  • • the power from the PTO tank does not propel the motor vehicle
  • • the PTO equipment uses fuel from the licensed vehicle’s operating fuel tank
  • • the vehicle is not used in anyway to transport passengers
  • • the PTO equipment is not used for personal, pleasure or recreation
  • • you paid fuel tax to the province/state you are claiming the refund

We can provide diagnostic information such as PTO hours; we can customize reports depending on what information is specifically required for rebate data.

Ontario Application for Refund: Auxiliary Power Take Off Equipment

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