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Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS vehicle tracking devices track and alert you in real-time. No more 1, 2, 5 minute lag between updates. We offer the industries fastest updates. Faster updates allow you to improve dispatching and stay on top of mission critical alerts.

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Vehicle Diagnostics GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnose vehicle faults remotely and prevent costly downtime. Get weekly/daily reports on critical faults to ensure your fleet runs smoothly. Setup alerts by specific measurements (ie. Coolant level above 100C) for even more control.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking Audible Alerts

Audible Driver Alerts

Improving driver behaviour has always been a challenge. With in-vehicle audible alerts drivers are now more aware and effectively improve their driving behaviour in real-time.

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GPS Tracking Device Maintenance Reminders

Maintenance Reminders

Set reminders by odometer, engine hours, date range. Stay on top of oil changes, driver licence renewals, PM inspections and more.

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Garmin GPS Vehicle Tracking

Garmin Integration

The GO6 can be integrated with Garmin devices to allow for 2-way messaging between your drivers and dispatchers. Dispatch stops and routes directly to your driver's Garmin Navigation. Dispatchers can quickly respond with pre-defined quick responses.

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Satellite Tracking Integration GPS Tracking Device

Satellite Integration

The Iridium Satellite modem can be integrated with the GO6 GPS vehicle tracking device through the IOX expander – Iridium allows for tracking and communication in remote regions. The "EMERGENCY!" message panic button sends an SOS to the dispatcher with location details.

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HOS Hours Of Service Vehicle Tracking

Hours of Service Integration

Compliance and safety are high priorities for drivers and Fleet Managers. Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations work to keep fatigued drivers off public roadways by placing driver limits for when and how long drivers should be on the road for.

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Aux I/O & Other Third Party

Monitor PTO duration, plow time, dumping cycles, hood up, panic buttons, and much more. The possibilities are endless. The GO6 can also be easily integrated with diverse Third Party platforms such as Man-Down/Working Alone, Weighing Systems.

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